About Me

Hi there! I'm Dionna, owner of DeeLuxe Scents located in Champaign, IL. 

I've always loved anything that would make my home and office smell good. From candles and wax melts, to plug-ins and incense, there's nothing like an inviting scent filling your personal space, creating the perfect ambiance that fits your mood. 

I spent a lot of time wanting to start my own business but not knowing what my niche was. One day I thought "why not try making candles since I love them so much?" Well several failed attempts later, I decided to go with wax melts and fell in love! After tons of positive feedback I decided to put my all into this and go for it. Hand crafting wax melts not only allows me to be creative and unique, but it's relaxing and brings me joy. All of my products are created and crafted by hand solely by me and I take pride in that. I hope my creations make you just as happy.

Thank you for visiting my store and supporting my small business.